Lady Gaga's "Do What U Want" music video, featuring the one and only R. Kelly, has been pulled by Gaga and her management team.

There are a lot of different reasons behind why the video got pulled. However, the driving force behind the decision was brought on by director Terry Richardson. Stories of him sexually assaulting his models started to surface, straight from the models themselves.

Gaga felt it would be inappropriate to go forward with the video for these reasons, and that's why we'll never see this version, at least, out on Vevo and YouTube.

TMZ did obtain the actual music video, which is extremely graphic in nature. You see Gaga getting treated by R. Kelly at first. Then, it turns into a love fest on her body / Gaga posing in the nude.

It's very graphic ... 18+ ONLY! I can't post it on here, but if you click the picture below, you can see the video on TMZ's website.