I've told you before about my past history with Lady Gaga. She's honestly a wonderful woman to get to know in person. That after party in Atlantic City a few years back was such a memorable night.

It's known that Gaga actually likes to have her body Photoshopped (even though I don't think it's necessary with her).

So, when I stumbled upon this Tweeted photo that shows Gaga before and after a serious Photoshop job, I really felt that I had to get your opinion on it.

See it below...

It appears as if the following things were altered with her:

-Her chest is smaller

-Her ribs are now showing

-Her stomach is too lean, and makes it look as if she's been starving herself

-The difference between her nails, mouth and nose are incredible


So ... Is it REALLY necessary to Photoshop her THIS much? I'm not sure it is. And I'd love to know what you think about it!