Okay, so I was on Facebook last night, and my good friend Ronnie posted a link to, what I'm hoping will be, Pharrell Williams newest and hottest collaboration with Daft Punk from his new album "G I R L."

We were all impressed tremendously with "Get Lucky" this past summer from Daft Punk's album "Random Access Memories," and now, the robots have officially travelled into Pharrell's court for this new collaboration.

I strongly feel this is going to be the song of the summer once it hits the airwaves.

You can stream the whole album for free on iTunes now through Monday, when it's released to the public. I know i'll be buying a copy of it for myself!

But for now, take a listen to this fabulous collaboration between the dynamic duo, and maybe you'll see it in our playlist soon ;) : http://luvit.me/1gGbizW