Ed Sheeran has me crying once again. And this time, it's for an even more emotional reason than his performance on the Elvis Duran Show.

15-year old Triona Priestly was diagnosed with cystic fibrosis, and her dying wish was to have Ed Sheeran sing her one of her favorite songs, "Little Bird." 

Her family and friends started a #SongForTri campaign on Twitter that caught Sheeran's attention.

He personally called her up on the phone, and sung the song to the girl as she fell asleep. And literally, only moments after she fell asleep, she unfortunately passed away. Ed Sheeran's song was the last thing she ever heard.

Moments after that happened, Sheeran tweeted out the following message, and put a kiss of love at the end of it:

How emotional. Watch the video below for more details.