Lady Gaga has astounded so many of us throughout the duration of her career. Her unique style, combined with her poppy and energetic songs, have inspired tons of "Little Monsters" to be themselves and stand up for what's right in our society.

Since it's her 28th Birthday today (ironically, on March 28th) I wanted to share with you an awesome memory I have with Gaga herself.

A few years ago in Atlantic City, I was invited to a post-concert party she was holding. I had gotten the opportunity to meet her numerous times in person before this event.

I was fashionably late to the party (which turned out to be a lot later than everyone else). As soon as I walked in, I heard someone yell out "A.J.!"

To my surprise, it was Lady Gaga herself running over towards me.

A friend of mine at the party whipped out his phone and snapped this photo of us hugging. I couldn't believe she remembered my name, and it's something I'm still really thrilled about to this day.

Have you ever had any memories like this with someone famous?