UPDATE ON THIS STORY: Yes, they did in deed pre-record most of their audio.

Click here for more details: http://upvot.es/1fOu3Cn 


Well ... If this were true, it wouldn't be the first time that a big artist or band faked a performance in front of a big, live crowd.

There's mounting evidence surfacing that the Chili Peppers did indeed FAKE their Super Bowl Halftime show performance with Bruno Mars.

If you take a look at the video of the performance, you'll notice several things that really stick out in a bad way.

First, the lead singer and guitarist appear to have no wireless mic pacs hanging from any part of their body. Second, their guitars aren't even wired up to anything. 

I understand that they would probably want this performance to be perfect, but hey guys, you've got to make a better attempt to make it look real and not so obvious that it was faked!

What do you think? Re-watch their performance below and you be the judge!