I'm not one to use Twitter an awful lot. I totally prefer Facebook as a main form of Communication with my friends and I. 
However, I was just bored and doing some research on social media. There's this person who came up with a list of 15 celebrities that you should unfollow on Twitter, for various reasons. I found it to be kinda crazy.
Anyway, here's what they say:
"1.  It seems like celebrities that rarely Tweet wouldn't be too annoying.  But at the same time, if they never Tweet, why even bother following them? 

People you should drop for inactivity include:  BeyoncéRyan GoslingMegan FoxJason Segel and Brian Williams, who hasn't even Tweeted AT ALL yet.


2.  These celebrities may not write their own Tweets, and if they do, they're often political:  Leonardo DiCaprio and Ben Affleck.


3.  These celebrities mostly just Re-Tweet, or give boring responses to fans like "Thank you" and crap like that:  Jerry Seinfeld andSteve Carell.


4.  These celebrities aren't "good" at Twitter . . . meaning that their Tweets are usually just self-promotion, dull responses to famous people's deaths and sad news, or random links:  Gwyneth PaltrowBetty WhiteBen Stiller and Zach Galifianakis.


5.  Then there are the celebrities who are just ANNOYING.  Like Charlie Sheen and his terrible FORMATTING.


Kanye West just posts a bunch of crap, but even when he DOES Tweet something note-worthy, quote, "everyone else you follow will Re-Tweet him anyway."

What do you think? Did this person persuade you to go and unfollow all of the celebs they list? Why or why not?