There's been a vicious dog attack on members of a family on the Onondaga Nation and one four year old boy has been seriously hurt.

Onondaga County Sheriff's Deputies say two young brothers were out playing in thier yard on the Webster Road this morning when one ten year old boy was approached by a 90 pound bulldog and the animal attacked. Then a second bulldog attacked his four year old brother. Thier 18 year old sister heard the commotion outside and ran out of the house and threw herself on top of the four year to protect him and the dog then attacked her too.

Eventually, the boys father ran out and kicked the dogs, dispersing them. The four year old boy was seriously hurt and underwent surgey at a Syracuse hospital for dog bites to his chest. The ten year old is in stable condition with bite marks too. the 18 year old sister is being treated for bite marks to her neck. The father is also being treated for bites on his forearm.

While deputies were at the scene, they were approached by the two dogs. The dogs owner, advised the deputies to shoot the dogs. One of the dogs was shot and killed by sheriffs deputies. The other dog was eventually shot and killed by the Onondaga Nation Patrol.