District Attorney William J. Fitzpatrick announced today that after a nine month joint investigation ,authorities have arrested 53 year old Magnus Dallas of 204 Harwood Ave. in the City of Syracuse and 50 year old Andre Jenkins of 550 South Clinton Street in the City of Syracuse.  Both men were charged with the D level Felony of Food Stamp Fraud, and the D level Felony of  Grand Larceny in the Third Degree .

Magnus Dallas, the owner of Mr. Pizza and Caribbean Cuisine at 148 Herbst Ave in the City of Syracuse, is accused of conspiring with Andre Jenkins to traffic food stamps by having homeless food stamp recipients purchase specific items for his restaurant with their food stamp/EBT cards.  Dallas would then pay the individuals one-half of the transaction amount in cash.

Typical food stamp trafficking involves individuals selling their benefits directly to a store for cash. In an effort to avoid detection, a new trend has developed where store and restaurant owners are now utilizing benefit recipients to make purchases on their behalf; thereby concealing their business’ involvement in the illicit transactions.

The agencies involved in this investigation have estimated a minimum of $30,000 in food stamp fraud.