Syracuse police had to confront an angry lesbian and a growling dog this morning and it forced them to use their taser.

City police say they were called to a domestic dispute on Park Street. That's where 24-year-old Gretta Barns is accused of trying to smother and strangle her girlfriend, 23-year-old Alexandria Chartier.

Chartier shouted to police to kick in the door, but when they got the door open they were met by a large vicious dog and Barns was still trying to strangle her girlfriend.

Fortunately, the dog suddenly left the doorway and officers were able to get a shot at Barns and they tasered her, bringing her to their ground. Barns has now been charged with strangulation and assault.

Barns later told police she was trying to kill Chartier because she found out she was having a sexual relationship with another woman.