A Syracuse gang member got along prison sentence Monday as federal authorites continue a wave of prosecutions against the Bricktown Gang.

23 year old Jarrell Williams got 35 years behind bars in Federal Court after investigators say he was involved in a wave of terror within the gang that included, muder, drug sales and racketeering.

Williams has now admitted to multiple acts of violence he committed on behalf of the gang over the last fews years. It included the fatal shooting of Anthony Ford who he mistook for a rival gang member. A female who was with Ford at the time, was also shot in the head, but survived.

That shooting occurred just three hours Williams shot an East Side Gang member in the back as part of an ongoing war between the Bricktown and East Side gangs.

Federal prosecutors in Syracuse have now been successful in convicting more than a dozen Bricktown gang members, many who have received long prison sentences.