The U.S. Attorneys Office in Syracuse has raided more than a dozen homes in the City of Syracuse today and have uncovered a large synthetic marijuana conspiracy.

The feds say their investigation began a year ago and involved wiretaps on one of the defendants phones. They determined that this ring was responsible for manufacturing 100 to 200 pounds of synthetic marijuana each month.

Once they had the evidence in hand, the feds made the raids Wednesday morning and also found weapons at some of the locations, thousands of bags of the pot and and 75 thousand dollars in cash.

Those arrested were:
44-year-old Abdalqader Mansour, of Syracuse
23-year-old Rasheed Mansour, of Camillus
28-year-old Joe Areff, of Nederland, Texas
29-year-old Arafat Khoudour, of Beaumont, Texas
25-year-old Ali Bedwan, of Port Arthur, Texas
55-year-old Abed Zahran, of North Syracuse
33-year-old Ziad Mansounr, of Camillus
25-year-old Amjad Mansour, of Syracuse

Investigators say the drugs were marketed with names like "scooby snax" "WTF" and "blue caution", and the ring leaders were targeting young kids.

The feds had help with their investigation and raids today by the Syracuse Police Department, State Police and the US Marshalls Service.

All the defendants were arraigned on the federal charges Wednesday afternoon and could face 20 years in prison and a one million dollar fine if they are convicted.