Shocking new details today in the case of a north country high school student who brought a gun to his school Wednesday.

WWNY-TV in Watertown is reporting today that the student was carrying 500 rounds of ammunition at Indian River High School that day and ten rounds of ammunition were already loaded in the gun.

The student, who remains unidentified, brought a case wrapped in a blanket to a science class and asked teacher Bob Kuba if he could show the class a science demonstration. Kuba agreed, and the student unwrapped the blanket and opened the case and Kuba spotted the rifle inside and quickly grabbed the rifle from him. Kuba hustled the student and the gun into a back room and locked the door and called the principal.

Sheriffs Deputies say the student had some sort of plan in place for months, but they won't say what that plan was. The student remains in custody, but has not been formally charged with anything.

Indian River High School went into lockdown Wednesday after the incident and no one was hurt.