A same sex couple in the north country say they're living in fear for thier lives because of constant harassment and vandals that have targeted thier home.

Ted and Chris Gardner live in Ogdensburg and it all started two years ago when someone started egging thier home on Ford Street. They've spent countless hours using soap and water cleaning up the mess. The harassment escalated from there and their cars tires were repeatedly slashed. They're spent thousands of dollars replacing tires over the last two years.

The Gardners have now been forced to board up some of thier windows after vandals used BB guns to shatter their front windows and they both fear the situation will only esclate from here.

Ted Gardner told 570 WSYR that they've gotten little help from the police department. They've filed a police report with every incident, but in two years, no suspects have ever been interviewed and no arrests have ever been made.

Gardner says "everytime we make a police report they say they're going to look into it, but we've never heard back from the police, not a single time. I've asked them to let us know if suspects have been questioned, but again, we hear nothing."

To make matters worse, Chris Gardner is battling HIV and colo-rectal cancer and has had 11 cancer surgeries. Ted Gardner says the harassment has made their lives a living nightmare and they simply want to be left alone.

Ted Gardner says "it's so hard to have such pressure on us when he's so sick, all I'm trying to do is just take care of him."

The couple has started a fund drive on the website gofundme.com seeking donations for a reward that may lead to the arrest and conviction of those responsible.