Onondaga County Interim Commissioner of Health, Michelle Mignano, announced today that the New York State Health Department laboratory has reported that a bat found on Lakeshore Road in the Town Of Cicero has tested positive for rabies.  Ms. Mignano stresses, “It is important to bat-proof your home to keep bats out of your house and away from you and your family.  However, if you are exposed to a bat in your home, it is important to trap the bat and call Animal Disease Control for further guidance”. 

The Health Department recommends the following steps to catch a bat. 

  •  Wear gloves and do not touch the bat.
  •  Keep the bat confined to one room (close the door, windows, and closet doors).
  •  Turn on the lights if the room is dark.
  •  Wait for the bat to land and cover the bat with a coffee can or container (do not damage the bat’s head)
  •  Slide a piece of cardboard under the can trapping the bat. (Do not use glue board to capture the bat (it cannot be easily removed for rabies testing).Tape the cardboard tightly to the can.
  •  Use a net or long pole with a piece of duct tape (sticky side out) to capture the bat, if necessary.

 Immediately contact the Bureau of Animal Disease Prevention at 435‐ 3165 to arrange for rabies testing of the bat.