Syracuse Mayor Stephanie A. Miner today issued vetoes to specific budget amendments sent to her by the Common Council, including a proposal to increase taxes.

“I realize raising taxes is occasionally necessary for a government that must deliver basic vital services. But it is just as important at all times that the public be aware of, and included in, any discussion about new taxes and spending,” said Syracuse Mayor Stephanie A. Miner in her veto message. “The Council’s lack of notice and public dialogue for their tax increase only serves to add to the public’s discontent with the levels of government they elect to serve their interest.”  

The Mayor specifically vetoed the amended annual budget estimate, which included an increase in taxes, cuts to the Office of the Corporation Counsel and the Department of Public Works, increases given to the Common Council, Department of Audit, the Department of Parks and Recreation, and capital projects.

The Mayor did not object to the Council’s parking violation proposal adding revenue or the additional funds directed to Say Yes to Education. 

The Council now has until June 1, 2014 to vote to override the Mayor’s vetoes.