Central New York Congressman Dan Maffei has sent a letter to Attorney General Eric Holder demanding an investigation into the Syracuse U.S. Probation office and it's apparent failure to properly monitor murder suspect David Renz.

Renz was arrested in March after stabbing a Liverpool woman to death and raping a ten year old girl after hijacking thier car in the parking lot of Great Northern Mall.

At the time, Renz was being monitored by federal probation officials after the feds arrested Renz in January on child pornography charges. He was wearing an electronic ankle bracelet at the time, but it was later revealed that Renz tampered with that bracelet many times on the day of the attack and alarms sent to the feds in probation were largely ignored.

In his letter to the Justice Department, Maffei says "what happened to the young child and Lori Bresnahan is a terrible tragedy. We need to get to the bottom of this to make sure it doesn't happen again." Maffei goes onto say- "I'm calling on Attorney General Holder to investigate the Syracuse Probation office and it's apparent failure to monitor David Renz."

Renz is now being held in a federal facility after he was arrested the night of the crime and he has pleaded not guilty to murder, kidnapping and rape charges.