The Fulton School District is deadling with tragedy today after the death of a high school senior in a car crash that injured three others in the car.

State Police say 18 year old Dylan Blair was driving the car down Route 3 in Granby late yesterday afternoon when he attempted to pass a slow moving line of cars and veered into the opposite lane of travel. His car was then struck head on by another vehicle.

Dylan Blair was killed in the crash and three other passengers were hurt. They're indentified as 18 year old Joshua Barnello, 17 year old Brittany Donahue and 18 year old Miranda Bivens.

Barnello and Donahue are current students at Fulton High School and Bivens graduated last year.

The driver of other car suffered just minor injuries.

Dylan Blair was due to graduate from high school next week and counselors are now available at the high school today to help students and staff deal with thier grief.