Recent mosquito surveillance activities by Madison County have provided more evidence of EEE. EEE was detected in two additional mosquito pools collected recently on Moore Road in the Town of Sullivan. A total of 5 mosquito pools in the Town of Sullivan have now tested positive for EEE. Due to the continued detection of EEE at this time, the Chairman of the Board of Supervisors anticipates declaring a state of emergency on Monday, August 25th in order to enact an agreement to conduct aerial spraying.  In anticipation of this declaration, Madison County Health Department is making plans for aerial spraying in the Town of Sullivan as soon as Tuesday, August 26th.


 Weather and wind permitting, aerial spraying is expected to occur as soon as the evening of Tuesday, August 26th. In the event of poor weather, spraying may occur the next appropriate day. Further details on the day and time of spraying will be announced through the news media and by phone calls to landlines in affected areas using the NY-Alert system to ensure the public has the opportunity to prepare in advance.