Syracuse City Hall may soon be targeting the satellite dish attached to your home.

Common Councilors Bob Dougherty and Khalid Bey took a walking tour of the Midland Avenue neighborhood today initially to scope out abandoned properties and overgrown lawns.

Dougherty though say he was stunned to find the number of "unsightly" satellite dishes everywhere in the neighborhood. He says many homes had more than one, and some had three of four. Dougherty says they were everywhere too, on roofs, in front yards and even attached to trees on the street.

Dougherty admits that the last thing the city needs is more laws, but he says after his walking tour today, he says there needs to be some sort of regulation of these dishes, especially dishes that are attached to abandoned homes in the city.

The councilor is also concerned about a possible safety issue because of the wires hanging from the dishes in many locations. Dougherty plans to do some research on how other communities around the state have handled the problem and says there's no city law on the books right now that addresses the situation.