An audit by Comptroller Thomas DiNapoli's office found that three Central New York school districts provided its employees inappropriate computer access to sensitive student data, and were able to make changes to grades and attendance records without proper authorization.

DiNapoli's office says Altmar-Parish-Williamstown Central Schools, Madison Central Schools, and Westhill Central Schools were among a half-dozen districts that ran afoul of proper security protocols for school records.  They say there was no fraud or deliberate attempts to falsify records, but that employees who did not have authority to make changes could in fact access and change those records.

The comptroller's office recommended that these districts establish clear policies about which employees should have such authorization, and establish a procedure to add, modify and deactivate user accounts for such access.  The districts were also asked to make sure their employees only have rights to access data they have rights for such access.

All the districts affected responded positively to the audit, and say they are at work making necessary changes to their operations.