Utica Police have confirmed that the body of an infant has been pulled from the waters of the Mohawk River and they can say with some certainty that it's the body of nine month old Levon Wameling.

The body of a child was found sealed in some sort of metal container and the remains will now be sent to the Onondaga County Medical Examiners Office for forensic work.

Utica Police say it may take some time before a positive ID is made because the remains have been degraded in the water.

The police say they developed leads with the State Police which led them to the banks of the Mohawk River Friday morning.


New developments today in the case of a missing Utica toddler who disappeared from his home back in May.

The boy's father has now been arrested in burglary charges and dive teams are now searching the Mohawk River for signs of the child.

27 year old Jevon Wameling has now been charged with burglary. He's accused of breaking into a home in Oriskany and stealing money and jewelry from that residence. He's being held on 10 thousand dollars bail.

Late Friday morning, dive teams began searching the Mohawk River looking for nine month old Levon Wameling, who's been missing since May.

His father told police at the time that the boy was snatched off their front porch after he went around to a back door of the home to open up a locked front door. Wameling though never reported the disappearance to police until confronted by relatives two weeks later and the police were called.

Several searches for the boy in recent weeks haven't turned up anything, but it's believed that police have developed new information today that's led them to search the river.