An Auburn man has been sentenced to five years in prison after the heroin overdose death of a Cayuga County woman a year ago.

Prosecutors say 27 year old Matthew Malenick waited hours before he called 911 after 25 year old Jennifer Gentile overdosed on the drug in May of last year. Malenick had provided the drug to Gentile and the dealer who sold Malenick the heroin is also facing sentencing next month. 20 year old Joseph Maxwell Ferrara is expected to get four years behind bars in the case.

Prosecutors say Malenick could have avoided prosecution alltogether of he had immediately reported the overdose to authorities, even though he provided her with the drugs. New York State passed what's known as the Good Samaritan Law three years ago in an effort to save lives, which would have applied in this case.

Nearly half of all overdoses in New York go unreported each year because others involved fear prosecution.

Gentile was found dead inside Malenick's home on Frances Street in Auburn in May of last year.