July 31st


The Makeup Genius app by L'Oreal Paris has been getting a lot of buzz. It's not your standard makeup app, it's a virtual tester that works great! You have the ability to try makeup on yourself and see how it looks as you apply it in real time. L'Oreal used a technology from Hollywood studios that has never been used in the beauty world. This is great if you want to try new styles and colors before buying them...and it's free!

I've been seeing people everywhere wearing bangle bracelets with a saying engraved on them. They are bangles from Mantra Band. I must have them. Choose the color; silver, gold, or rose gold and then the phrase. My favorite is "Hakuna Matata"! There are longer and shorter sayings; "courage", "freedom", "she believed she could do, so she did". LOVE all of them! They are hypoallergenic and made with a tarnish resistant material.