January 29th

I always say I want a personal stylist, sometimes you just need someone to pick out clothes for you! That’s why it was perfect when our listener Donna, a stylist for Keaton Row, reached out to me! She sent me an entire Lookbook of items she thought would work for my style! Keaton Row is a completely free service to clients. If you don’t know someone like Donna who is a stylist (head here for her page!), Keaton Row will match you with one based on your styling needs generated from taking a Style Quiz. You will get free shipping on all orders! I told her I was on a budget and she sent two more Lookbooks one for accessories and one for clothing ALL under $50! Your stylist will interect with you over emails, Skype, and any way you feel comfortable! Give it a shot and see what a Keaton Row  FREE personal stylist can help you with!





Finally! A way to repost someone else’s Instagram photos! It’s still not possible to do within the Instagram app, but there are third party apps that allow you to do the closest thing to “regramming” you’re going to get. My favorite for iPhone is Regram 7. It’s free and seems to work the best. It’s easier to find the photo you want to “regram” if you’ve already liked it in Instagram. Choose the layout you want; the “regram” tag on top or bottom of the photo, and then send to Twitter or Instagram! It will use the same description the original post had with am “RG” in front of it. The best for Android phones is PhotoRepost.