April 29th



I take so many pictures on my phone and I am constantly getting messages that I am running out of storage space. I hate taking them  off my phone and putting them on my computer. Yesterday I downloaded the Trunx app to store all of my photos. Trunx imports and stores all of your photos from your phone, Instagram, and even Facebook! You have UNLIMITED storage! Now I don’t feel bad about deleting phones from my Camera Roll because they are saved within the app! Share photos with friends who also use the app or send to your social accounts or message to friends right from the app. If you chose to take a photo within the app you will have the option to record sound, using their EchoPix feature, while taking the picture which is cool for concerts and events like graduations!Trunx stores your photos in an easy to view time line and lets you set a passcode so no one can get it! Beginning at the end of September they are going to charge for the service and storage but if you get your photos uploaded before then you don’t have to pay for them to be stored! Download for iPhone and Anrdroid.


This is going to be tough to explain but let’s start off by saying the website i am going to tell you about has the F-word in it, so head here to check it out. It’s called, “What the F*** Should I Make for Dinner?”. Head to the site and it pops right up with a recipe option, except it’s basically telling you off. The top of the page has a statement, with a few curses about why you should make that meal. Then it lists the meal option, if you like it, click it, and it will take you to the site where the recipe is from. If you don’t like that idea you have a few options to choose from on the bottom of the page, all of which have the “F” word in it. It makes planning dinner so much more entertaining! Make it a gift and by the cook book from Amazon here!