April 28th



While you’re bored at work head to Selfeed.com. It’s a website that uses pulls all pictures uploaded to Instagram with the #Selfie and puts them on this feed…in real-time! You will not believe how many Selfies are constantly posted!! Post a #Selfie to your Instagram and then watch the Selfeed to look for your picture! 


If you want to be a part of the world’s largest dream experiment download the Dream: On app. It sounds crazy but the point of the app is to select what you want to dream about before you go to bed. The app monitors your movement during the night and plays a themed soundscape at the optimum moment in your sleep cycle. Set your alarm and alarm sound within the app. When you wake up, type your dreams into your dream diary to keep track of your dreams.  You’ll be able to see how your sleep patterns change when you have certain types of dreams. With the research they have so far, the different soundscapes (everything from rainforest to city sounds) cause people to have different types of dreams. Hopefully this app and being a part of it will help us have a better understanding of our dream world. Download it here.