April 15th



With Coachella going on and it being music festival season it’s the perfect time for guys to pick up a pair of the Speakeasy Briefs . It's not fair that us ladies get to store our money and personal items in our bras and guys have nowhere secure to put their stuff! Pockets aren’t a safe place when you’re at a huge festival with people all over. The Speakeasy Briefs have a zipper pocket right in the front so you can store your wallet or a flask! No one should be able to rob you there! They're $23.99 a pair or $59.95 for the Weekend Warrior 3 pack! Or you could just find a lovely girl who will shove your stuff in her bra!


I've been wanting to get a dog but I have no idea what to do with it when I'm away, kennels are expensive and what if my dog doesn't make friends?! I just discovered DogVacay.com where you are matched up with a dog sitter in your area. These sitters are able to watch your dog in your own home or at their home! You can see the sitters full profile for reaching out to them. Check out photos of their home and other dogs they’ve babysat, read reviews from first timers and guests who come back to that sitter. The info on the sitter is very detailed, you’ll learn about their pets, how many years they’ve been caring for dogs, if they can administer medication, how quickly they respond to people on DogVacay and more. Each person charges a different amount of money, but so far from what I’ve seen they are all cheaper than a kennel! If you think you’ve got what it takes to be a sitter, sing up! Download the DogVacay app to use the service easily on your phone!