BRUSHING YOUR TEETH: Greg T recently found out that some people brush their teeth 3 times a day!!! He think’s it’s crazy… sometimes he doesn’t brush his teeth at all! How many times do you brush your teeth everyday?

DROPPED ON YOUR HEAD: It’s the famous saying, “Were you dropped on your head?” Greg T never was, but Carla Marie and Danielle were! What happened to you as a kid? Why were you dropped on your head?

CRAVINGS: Pancakes! Greg T is craving pancakes today! Where do cravings come from? What funny or weird thing are you craving today?

IT FLEW INTO MY MOUTH: The other day Greg T was walking and a fly flew right into his mouth and hit the back of his throat! He coughed and gagged and finally it came out. WTH! What accidentally flew into your mouth?

CRYING WHILE DRIVING: Greg T was stopped at a traffic light and noticed the woman in the car next to him was crying. How many women cry while driving? When was the last time you cried while driving?