Woman Cries Over Candy Crush

We can't help but laugh at this poor woman who was caught bawling crying over losing a candy crush game! Yep, the addiction is real people and candy crush is crushing hearts all over the world.

Flying Kittens vs. Flying Puppies

We are OBSESSED with this new video featuring a sweet hip hop track and a bunch of adorable kittens and puppies flying through the air!


Collapsed Runner Determined To Finish Race

Fredrik Uhrbom, a Swedish long-distance runner, would not give up after his legs cramped up near the end of a 10,000 meter race last weekend. He fell over, tried to get back up . . . and just kept pumping his arms like it would somehow keep his legs moving??


Guy Catches Fish With His Hair

Well this is something we've never seen before! A bunch of college kids recently tried to catch fish in a brand new way . . . by attaching a hook with a worm on it to their friend's HAIR. The long haired guy dangled his head off the side of a dock . . . and actually managed to catch something!