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With over 47 million views on YouTube, a Grammy nomination, Gold record status in the U.S., and 2x Platinum record status in Canada, it's safe to say that "This Is What It Feels Like" was one of the biggest songs of 2013.  But the path this dance record took to being the smash it is for Armin Van Buuren and Trevor Guthrie may surprise you. 

"You call it a dance record, it's funny.  To me, it started as a song I wrote on piano; I wrote it for a friend of mine that was diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumor," Trevor says.  "Basically I wanted to write a message for him and his family, and Armin heard the song, my buddy sent it to him, he made it a dance song, made it viable for the world to hear, and we went with it.  I think as Armin says, and I agree with this...a good song is a good song.  Doesn't matter the genre."

But did Trevor think his song, which was originally a somber song, would become the massive uplifiting dance track it is?  "No.  I mean, my friends were like 'Oh man, this is gonna change your life' and I was like yea, we'll see.  I really didn't appreciate the power of the music scene as far as DJs and the EDM scene goes," he admits. 

So did it change Trevor's life?  "For me to have Armin Van Buuren produce such a great song and bring it out to the world and have the success it's had, it did change my life and he's given me an amazing platform to jump from."  Trevor's next project "Soundwave" has him partnering with R3hab, and we can only hope he continues to have the massive success he deserves, as he is honestly one of the nicest, down to Earth guys in the business.

So how did Trevor Guthrie deal with the rollercoaster ride of success, actually going from the highs of being in a boyband in 2000 to the lows of hiding in Australia digging ditches?  And how does he feel about the lack of respect and exposure singers on dance records get?  Plus, listen to Trevor sing a little of the smash "This Is What It Feels Like" we take you Backstage with Trevor Guthrie.

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