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It looks like "Jelena" is back on. Amidst reports that Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber were seen together taking in the sights around Las Vegas while in town for the Billboard Music Awards, the two were also spotted backstage kissing each other. 

One of Selena's BFFs, Taylor Swift, was also in town for the awards show, and passed by them during their smooch session. What did T-Swift think about this? Her face says it all.

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Lucky for us, the event live-streamed the backstage area, and caught it all on tape. Check out Taylor's reaction below:

Billboard Music Awards screencap

Other than disapproving of Selena's interaction with the Biebs, Taylor had a great time at the Bilboard Awards. Check out her performance of "22":

Check out Taylor accepting the award for Artist of the Year:

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