(Yahoo!) - Nothing keeps Rob Kardashian down.

After skipping his sister Kim Kardashian's wedding to Kanye West on Saturday, Rob, 27, took to Twitter on Monday morning to let everyone know he was doing just fine, writing, "Good morning here in LA."

However, not long after posting the simple tweet, he deleted it -- along with every other tweet he'd ever published -- and started fresh with several posts for Memorial Day and a birthday message to Scott Disick.

His tweets didn't reveal why he chose not to attend the much-anticipated Florence, Italy, nuptials of his older sister, but the sock designer was in Paris for the days leading up to the main event. However, he skipped most of the celebratory activities, including the group's Wednesday family dinner at Hotel de Costes and the Friday morning brunch at Valentino's Chateau de Wideville.

He also skipped the rehearsal dinner at Versailles and the wedding, a source tells People, because "he just didn't want to see a bunch of people both nights and really just is not feeling like himself."

The source denies reports that Rob and Kim were fighting.

“He is really overweight and having a hard time with it,” added the source.

Rob also didn't make any strides to explain the cryptic move to completely refresh his Twitter account... but we guess everyone deserves a fresh start.

Photo Credit Splash News