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Miley Cyrus is giving fans some incentive to follow her on Twitter.  The singer says she'll reveal the title of her much-anticipated new album if she reaches the 13 million followers mark on the social media site. 

As of Thursday afternoon, Miley had more than 12,600,000 followers.  Miley said she wanted to "make getting to [her] lucky number an event" and that the campaign to hit 13 million was inspired by rapper Jay-Z's much-talked-about Twitter spree earlier this week. 

The rapper dubbed the singer the "old world's worst nightmare" during his Q&A with fans.  Miley hinted that her album title would be a hashtag, followed by a seven-letter word - and said she'd answer whatever fans sent her way once the goal was met.  

Meantime, her latest single "We Can't Stop," is spending another week at number three on the Billboard Hot 100.

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