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Lady Gaga may have found one of her most elderly "little monsters."  The singer has posted a photo with 86-year-old Inez Whitfield, who attended her concert in Edmonton on Monday night seated in a wheelchair and wearing a feathered boa. 

The star has nicknamed Inez "Granny Gaga."  In an interview with "CBC News," Inez opens up about how she turned into such a superfan.  She discovered Gaga in 2010, when the singer appeared on an episode of "Oprah" that was on during a hospital visit. 

Inez attended her first Gaga concert that same year.  She had to get a special pass to allow her to leave her retirement home to attend Gaga's most recent concert in the Canadian city, one of several on her "ARTPOP Ball" tour. 

Inez calls Gaga "a bright light in a dark world," and says she "would have liked to have been like her" when she was a younger woman.