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Bon Jovi has some choice words for Justin Bieber.  In a recent interview with the "London Evening Standard," the New Jersey rocker called the pop star out with some colorful language for disrespecting his audience when Bieber showed up an hour late for his concert at London's O2 arena earlier this year. 

Bon Jovi says "Do it once, you can be forgiven.  Do it enough times and shame on you."  The rock vet says artists run the risk of alienating their audience and becoming a cliche, noting that audience members work hard to pay for tickets to give artists permission to take two or three hours out of their lives, or, in his reference to Bieber, "that kid's case," "80 minutes of their lives."  

Bon Jovi is currently on the road on his Because We Can world tour.  The outing wraps up in December in Brisbane. 

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