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Jenny Lewis has revived her solo career with a brand new album The Voyager. The new album features her single "Just One Of The Guys" and is her first solo album in six years!

Jenny tells iHeartRadio, "A lot happens in six years." She continues, "It all happened over about a four-year period. Some songs are left overs from the earlier era. 'The Voyager,' for example, came about at the last possible moment. It kind of details a chunk of time."

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Fans can expect something different from The Voyager. Jenny explains how she and her music have evolved from the last one. "When I made my previous solo records, my band was still operative. With this one, I didn't really put any rules on the record because my band was done. I felt like I could explore that musical territory that my band sort of ... you know, like I could rock out a little bit more, play electric guitar, where as with my solo records it is more kind of acoustic guitar based."

Jenny Lewis stopped by the iHeartRadio headquarters in NYC recently, where she opened up about everything from her woman crush on Lena Dunham to the "Cookie Time" song from Troop Beverly Hills.

Check out Real Questions with Jenny Lewis below.

How old were you when you had your first kiss?

I was in the seventh grade. I must've been thirteen. I can't say that I really liked him, it was more of a dare.

Who was your first on-screen kiss?

I had a couple of on screen kisses as a child actor. My first kiss may have been to Fred Savage in The Wizard. Or even "Growing Pains," maybe Ben Seaver was my [first kiss]. 

Who is the weirdest person you've had a crush on?

I think for women crushes are sort of across the board, where for men they're specific to what they're attracted to. I once met a duck near pond who flew down from the sky. I was in the desert in Palm Springs. He sat beside me and brushed his teeth with a blade of grass and looked up at me. Then I thought, "Is this my soul mate?"

Who is your woman crush?

I have a couple of those. I'm kind of crushing out on Lena Dunham. I think she's so beautiful.

Have you ever Facebook or Twitter stalked fan?

No. Well ... When I first started my Twitter account. I'm not really social media savvy. I did search for Ryan Gosling on Twitter. It says it's the real Ryan Gosling but he never posts anything.

What kind crowd were you part of in high school?

I went to public school for the most part, in the San Fernando Valley. I was a drifter. I went to public school so there were many different kinds of groups. Many different kinds of ethnic groups at my high school. I really did, I tried to fit in with everyone. I loved hip hop in the 90's. So I sort of gravitated towards people who listened to hip hop. That was sort of across the board different groups.

What were you made fun of for when you were younger?

Being a red head, people just make fun of you. It's kind of ridiculous. Why would you make fun of someone for the color of their hair? The whole carrot top thing which I never understood because the top of the carrot is green!

Have you ever been fired from a job?

I've never had a real job. I applied for a job at McDonald's when I was really broke in the early 2000's. I never got a call.

Who would be your dream one night stand?

Can I say Picasso? Even though he's dead.

What band would you never admit to listening to, but you secretly do?

I don't really have any guilty pleasures. I'm pretty open about the things that I like. There's no shame in loving Barbra Streisand, is there?

Did you ever wet the bed as a kid?

Yeah, I wet the bed in ... I mean, pretty late actually. I remember being at a slumber party. I must've been nine or something. Ten maybe. You know, when you wet the bed at a slumber party. There's a large shame in that. 

What is the most ridiculous thing you've ever spent money on?

I guess like clothing is pretty absurd. Right? To spend like $300 on a purse? When people are, you know, starving all over the world. It's absurd.

What's the weirdest gift you've ever received from a fan?

I always find it funny when I get pictures or paintings of myself. I so appreciate it, but at the same time ... like [a] painted picture of my boyfriend. Or of the moon or some of my lyrics. I would be more than happy to display that but a picture of myself, not so much.

Have you ever had any weird dreams about a band-mate?

Yes. I've had so many band-mates throughout my life. I do have a recurring dream where I'm up on stage in front of people. It's as if my jaw isn't working and I'm unable to sing the lyrics to the songs. It's all just like blurry, haze, anxiety nightmare. I've also had a recurring dream of being on "SNL" and hosting "SNL." This is a weird dream, hosting "SNL" and just not being able to read the teleprompter. Like, "I can't see the teleprompter." That's my biggest fear probably, being on "SNL." Which I've never been and probably ... Well, never be.

Who is the most famous person you have in your phone?

The mayor of Los Angeles. That's pretty good right? The mayor's number in my phone. 

Do you ever sing the "Cookie Time" song anymore?

Hell no! Why would I? That's crazy. Nor do I eat cookies. Unless they're gluten free. 

What about Girl Scout cookies?


Are you just one of the guys?

Yes. I always have been. I'm truly a tomboy. I have been since I was a tiny little kid. But I'm also feminine in some ways.

What is the most personal song on your new album and why?

They're all pretty personal but I would say ... The opening track, "Head Under Water." It sort of details, a particularly trying period of my life. It took a couple of years actually to figure out what I was trying to say. Also the title track, "The Voyager" is difficult in that when I wrote it, it was, as per Ryan Adams' instruction because he produced the record. He was like, "These songs are good but you need a really good one that you haven't written yet. So go home and write 'Wonderwall,' basically." I was like, 'that's a perfect song.' If I could've written 'Wonderwall,' by now I would've already written it. I will try my hardest to go home at just write something that is worthy. 

Check out Jenny Lewis' music video for "Just One Of The Guys" featuring Kristen Stewart and Anne Hathaway below!

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