Who is this 22-year-old red head making a huge splash in the US??...It’s Ed Sheeran of course!!

If you weren’t a fan of him before, you are totally one now!  His angelic voice and humble personality are so attractive, you can’t help but just fall in love with him.

Being the opening act for Taylor Swift’s “Red” album tour, Ed Sheeran is making a huge name for himself worldwide, especially across the US.  The tour started on March 13th in Omaha, Nebraska and is ending September 21st in Nashville, Tennesse traveling all over the country! 

Starting his singing career off in the UK, Ed Sheeran’s fan club is growing immensely and you can see why through his music videos! Check them out below!!

"Lego House", is his latest single!

"A Team", which was his debut single in the US!

"Everything Has Changed", Taylor Swifts song where Ed Sheeran is featured on!