Things are not looking good for Amanda Bynes. Her erratic behavior has graduated to the next level of crazy. She's no longer JUST writing bizare things on Twitter, now she's SETTING FIRES!

Apparently she was wondering around her parent’s Thousand Oaks, California neighborhood when she decided to set a “campfire” in a neighbor’s driveway. 
The neighbor, having no idea who Amanda Bynes is, called the police on her.
When the police showed up they placed Bynes under a 5150 psychiatric hold at a Los Angeles Hospital. They commented that Amanda needs a serious mental evaluation (Uh, Duh).
Bynes can only be kept in custody for 72 hours. If they don’t find the cause of her recent behavior they have to release her. 

Hopefully Amanda gets the help she obviously needs!

Below is a picture of Amanda's parents leaving the hospital where she is being held.